Be Your #SELFie is a company that puts the FUN in "FUN"tastic! Ok, so that's not a word, but who's judging? We will help you capture those memories of your special event and your guests will be talking about it for years, even your sweet little Grandma Bobbie. We offer the newest and top of the line photo station which basically looks like a giant iPhone, that lets you be yourself (see what I did there?)

No more cramming into a small booth with an attendant, no more waiting for your pictures to be published on a website. With Be Your #SELFie you can text, email, print, and share your photos and have "likes" and "comments" faster than you ever imagined possible with any other photo station. You can now have your memories instantly with a touch of a button.

Make any event special!

Invite Be Your #SELFie to be a part of your celebration. If you want a memorable event, instant connections, and a whole lot of fun, we will make that happen for you. Everyone who steps in front of our camera will be telling their friends to come join in on the fun. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a wedding, or promoting your new business we promise to keep the smiles and kisses rolling.



Instantly send your selfies to yourself via text or email or post to social media. Organizers can customize messages, tags and hashtags for maximum brand buzz.

Instant keepsakes for your guests from our super fast, super high resolution printer.


Instant buzz with customization options. You can choose your backdrop and frame on your photos.

Instant fun with our popular props, perfect for drawing the smiles and laughter from your guests.


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Smiles from ear to ear with laughter that will be heard for years – that’s what Be Your #SELFie can bring to your special occasion, party or event. Watch as your guests gather round to laugh, cheer and put their best smirk forward. Capture these cherished moments instantly and share them through text, email, print or by posting your pictures directly to Facebook or Twitter and show all your friends and family who missed it – without bragging of course. Customize your experience with the green screen feature to really capture the feel of your event. Or be the talk of the town and add a custom backdrop or frame that highlights your special occasion. Be Your #SELFie is more than just your average photo booth!

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